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Cardboard boxes – now the most popular, reliable and available packing material. Cardboard boxes use for packing, storage, transportation, preservation of a trade dress of production, for protection against damages of company packing and also for protection of goods against light and pollution. Our production releases boxes of any sizes from a cardboard and a corrugated cardboard. Also, we are ready to suggest to make to you boxes with drawing, it can be your company logo or contact information.

A quick look at our products

How to buy goods of our company

It is possible to buy the goods entering the range of our company by placement of the order by e-mail having specified quantity and the name of the corresponding products or by phone at our managers. Also it is necessary to specify requisites of the buyer in the order (for natural persons - Full name, the registration address specified in the passport and contact phone).

Prices and existence of goods

The prices and existence of goods are sent to the buyer by his request sent for e-mail of our company.


According to the placed order the goods are reserved and the invoice for payment is sent to the buyer for e-mail. The account is valid within 3 (three) working days.

For action of the account are guaranteed:

existence of the reserved goods;

the fixed price.

Payment methods:

The payment made on the account of company by bank transfer. The goods are considered paid only at transfer of all sum of the company specified in the account the settlement account.

ATTENTION! Payment of account means unconditional acceptance by the buyer of the price of goods, terms of payment, conditions of shipment and conditions of transition of the property rights to the paid goods. In order to avoid misunderstanding, please, before payment you will attentively get acquainted with these conditions and be convinced that they completely suit you.