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Cardboard boxes – now the most popular, reliable and available packing material. Cardboard boxes use for packing, storage, transportation, preservation of a trade dress of production, for protection against damages of company packing and also for protection of goods against light and pollution. Our production releases boxes of any sizes from a cardboard and a corrugated cardboard. Also, we are ready to suggest to make to you boxes with drawing, it can be your company logo or contact information.

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We work at the market of packing production and have proved as the reliable supplier of high-quality production from a cardboard and a microcorrugated cardboard. .

The microcorrugated cardboard considerably surpasses other types of materials in a number of characteristics. In comparison with a usual cardboard he has bigger rigidity and resistance to influence of moisture, temperature and aggressive substances, unlike plastic doesn't contain toxic substances, wins against metal thanks to low cost, small weight and elasticity, and in comparison with fragile glass this material is more economic. The microcorrugated cardboard in the best way protects goods from all possible damages at storage and transportation.

In comparison with a corrugated cardboard the microcorrugated cardboard is easier, esthetic and technological as it allows to give to packing various forms and the sizes, to laminate a surface and to apply to her the qualitative full-color image and marking. In the sum it gives marketing effect: draws attention, informs and induces to purchase.

Our company is engaged in production of cardboard packing (cardboard boxes for all types of production), boxes for cakes, boxes for cupcakes, for candies, substrates for cakes, boxes for gingerbreads and cookies, eclairs and cakes, boxes for perfumery, corrugated packaging, a microcorrugated cardboard, lamination of a cardboard. We make the production from corrugated fibreboard, a mikogofrokarton and a printing cardboard with the one-color and two-color press.

Our main advantage is production from corrugated fibreboard of the T21, T22, T23, P32, D brands, a microcorrugated cardboard (with a brown or white integumentary layer). All our production made by our company meets standards of GOST and TU, has the declaration of compliance.


We differs in individual approach of work with each client, the flexible system of discounts depending on the volume of the made production. We make more than 120 types of production, including not a standard candy store, food and cardboard packing. The Rukarton company is ready to offer you production of cardboard packing in any quantity.

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